Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Up date on the land of Thorinus and Pauline

We all know that the Mellem's homesteaded in New Solum Township. What we didn't know was on a couple of the deeds, a small section of the land was set aside as not being part of the sale.

The recorder's office in Warren assisted in getting the mystery solved.

Here is the information from the time of the homestead to when Carl and Nina left Rosewood.

The Homestead of Thorinus and Pauline Mellem

January 31, 1891
Thorinus and Pauline were granted their homestead

June 19, 1924
Thorinus and Pauline to Carl Mellem for $3,000
July 24, 1943 Alice Mellem to Minnie Mellem for $1.00

November 30, 1943 Sylvia Mellem to Millie Mellem for $1.00

June 3, 1946
Chester Mellem, Minnie Mellem, and Fern Mellem to Kalbakdalen for $4,600.

There was, in the last two sales, a parcel of land set aside and not included in the transfer. The following information shows the land being sold to Bloom’s.

October 13, 1937
According to the deed record, this land was owned by Thorinus Mellem and sold it to Carl O Bloom and Nina Bloom for $300.00

October 22, 1958
Carl O and Nina Bloom to Arthur and Myrtle Swenson $1700.00

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