Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Try to visualize your ancestors with this story:

From the Warren Register Newspaper, 1887:

An amusing incident occurred in the postoffice recently. Stamp Clerk Lemcke had just sold a natty old gentleman a dollar's worth of "2's"

The old gentleman was wondering where to put them when he accidentally put his damp fingers on the sticky side of the stamp and they began to stick together.

"Say, how do you keep these things from sticking together?" he asked.

"Rub them on your head, " the clerk replied.

"Ah! that's a new scheme, " said the purchaser of the stamps, and he removed his hat and began to rub them over his bald head.

"The longer we live the more we learn, " he said, smiling, as he allowed the stamps to remain on his head while he paid for them and put some papers back into his coat pocket. The stamps stuck.

"There, now that's"--he said as he reached up and tried to remove the stamps. They were sticking closer than a brother to a shiny white scalp. He tore one of them off, and he said it brought the skin. The clerk could not contain himself and the bald headed old gentleman slapped his hat over his head and hurried out the door grumbling.

See far!


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