Friday, August 3, 2007

August 6 The Rindal Cemetery

Look for the evergreen tree on the back corner of the church.
Do you see the tree in this picture?


It is the same tree!

When visiting cemeteries one generally finds the oldest graves near the tallest trees!

Compare the pictures again. Do you see the row of evergreen's on the second picture which are not in the first?

A cemetery committee was formed. The group planted trees, dug a well, put a fence around the cemetery, fixed the tipped stones, and bought mowing services. Knute and Siri Ranum are buried under this tree, as are some of their childen. Cora Ranum Ostgaard has two markings in this cemetery. One is under the tree with her parents, the other is with her husband Severt and daughter Mildred. I don't think this is a common practice, however those of you searching cemeteries and if you see two markers for the same person, it may not be an error, like Cora having two resting places.

Cora's given name was Karina. She was the sister of Benhard Ranum. Mildred and Stanley were first cousins and shared a birthday, July 31.


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