Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shall We Make Sense of the Census?

The 1885 Minnesota Census Report of counties and town­ships, which is available on line at, lists New Solum Township as having 54 families. There were 126 males and 98 females for a total of 224 people.

The Minnesota Census of 1895 tabulated New Solum Township with 311 Minnesota born residents: 9 from Ger­many ; 26 from Sweden; 218 from Norway; 5 from Canada; 2 from Denmark. This totaled 260 foreign born residents. Give or take for a total according to Ancestry. com 575 residents.

The Minnesota 1905 Census Report counted 47 residents born within the township; 323 Minnesota born; 8 from Germany; 51 from Sweden; 158 from Norway; 6 from Canada; 1 from England and 2 from all other countries, which totaled 226 foreign born residents, a total of 596. Remember the Minnesota Census of 1905 covers ten years.


1885 Alfred, Almok, B, Berner, Edwart, Karl N are the children and Knudt and Siri are the parents.

1895 Alfred, Berner, Bernhart, Carl, Edward, Friman, John, Karine, Kasper, Oscar, Sanfred, and Kunt as the only parent.

1905 Casper, Freeman, Otto, Ruth, Senfred. With Kari and Knut N as parents.


1885 Andreas and Hanna as the parents. Gustav, Hilda, and Olaf. Census was taken on May 1, Julia was born in October.

1895 Andrias and Hannah as parents, Gustaf, Olaf, Julia. Where is Hilda?

1905 Andrew and Hannah as parents, Gustaf, Hannah, Olaf, and Hilda. Where is Julia? She is working in Thief River Falls and is listed in their census.


1885 Forinus and Pauline as parents.

1895 Carl, Emil, Lina, Nina, Peter, Thea, Tina, with Forinius and Panline as parents. YES! That is the way it is spelled on the census!

1905 Carl, Ella, Emil, Lena, Mabel, Nina, Tina with Twrenins and Pauline as parents.

New Solum Township census for the following years are:

1910 422

1920 510

1930 414

It would be so interesting to find out what the census for the Township has been in the 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000! I wondered if Berna from the Marshall County Courthouse could give me that? I will get back to you with that!