Sunday, August 19, 2007

Early Settler of New Solum --Hellquist

John E. and Anna (Bergman) Hellquist Famly

Their children were









John E and Anna, the parents, and son John are buried in Wildwood Cemetery. Emil is buried at Rindal Cemetery.

Alex was a member of the Traveling Library in Rosewood

Emil Hellquist’s car goes turtle up, fenders and the windshield badly damaged but Emil okay. 1922

Emil got his fur coat stolen at a Farmer's meeting 1922

John E was a member of the Wildwood Cemetery Board

John E had wall board put in his house in 1928

John E died in 1945

John A hosted the Young People's Society, (Mission Church)

Emil Hellquist broke his leg in 1948 while haying

Florence Hellquist dies at Oakland Park San in 1949

John E. Hellquist, (1875-1945) and Anna, (1860-1918) were married in Ishpeming, Michigan in 1882 and came to Marshall County in the spring of 1883 to Section 3 and 4 of township 155.

Hellquist was working in the iron mines around Ishpeming. Marquette County, Michigan when he arrived from Sweden during the depression of the early 1880's, was not much work to get. They decided to try homesteading in Minnesota.

In the fall of 1886 a prairie fire burned their first grain, all the hay had been cut by scythe. Chickens, pigs, shelter for the livestock, oxen and cows saved themselves by hiding in the woods. The only building on the Hellquist place was the homestead one room shack, a truly black winter.

In 1888-1889 Hellquist and Styr­lund ripped lumber for flooring from spruce logs by hand. They put the logs on high saw horses, then they sawed the frozen logs by hand. They sawed flooring for two rooms, 10 x 10, after the boards were dry they planed them by hand.