Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Keepin' Kids in Line

What did your parent's do or say to keep you in line? What did you say to your parent's in rebuttal? Did you rebuttal? Did you talk back? Did you ask why? It truly depends on the era you were raised, doesn't it?

One mother just raised her finger. One--first warning; two--second warning....well you get the idea. My mother would snap her fingers, or if I was close enough pinch me. I ALWAYS asked WHY! Daddy would tell me why, mother would say BECAUSE I SAID SO.

In the summer of 1987, I started a book. I used an old 1912 LC Smith typewriter. I wore a Viking helmet. I started the book because our water got turned off because the bill wasn't paid. Part of the book is precious, some is pure bunk.

Now, I ask all you mothers out there, did you ever say to your child:

1. Pick up your clothes
2. Don't roll your eyes at me
3. Flush the toilet
4. This is the third time I have tried to wake you, now get up!
5. I haven't seen your keys
6. Turn down the radio
7. Pick that up before it spills
8. Wipe up the spill
9. The phone is tired, hang it up.

And did your child answer you with any of the following?

1. I need some money
2. Hold a sec.
3. Rad
4. Don't make a federal case out of it
5. Give it a rest
6. The dog whizzed on my clothes
7. What is your problem?
8. Okay....FINE!
9. Chill out, Mom

Now, the child that talk like this was being NORMAL. Did I talk to my parents like that? No. Why? Because you thought it but didn't say it. Now Daddy had some real issues with his own parents but did not voice them. They were mostly pointed at Grandpa and another at God, Himself.

As we have talked before, children were farmed out early in their lives. It wasn't too young at 8 or 9 to be working in some facet for a farmer within walking distance. To define walking distance meant on the same side of the swamp. One summer, Daddy worked all summer for a pig. His father butchered the pig for meat for the family table. Daddy could not see that for several decades.

As for the issue with God; Daddy said he prayed and prayed for a pony when he was little and never got one. I was in confirmation class when this came up and I reminded him God had time zones; now, never, and later. I reminded Daddy he had a herd of 25 ponies in the pasture. :).

We should have a picture of Daddy as a child. Maybe I can find the one of him and the chicken.