Saturday, September 1, 2007

September Birthdays and Anniversaries

SEPTEMBER Relationship Calculator

Jaeme and Kelsie share several ancestors in September

2 Lloyd Anderson (96) Kelsie and Jaeme are his great grand daughters.

5. Pauline Mellem 151) is the third great grand Mother of Jaeme and Kelsie.

7. Murvin Rye, (86), was their great grand uncle

8. Irene Thode Mehrkens (74) was the first cousin, twice removed.

9. Larry Gene Schneider, (48), son of Dorothy Anderson, is the first cousin, once removed.

9. Cliff Rye (84), was their great grand uncle

15. Matthew Dickey (15), like Bobbie Jo, is a second cousin

17. Kaitlin Delfin (17) is the girl’s second cousin

19. Jeremy, Kaitlin’s brother (21) is also a second cousin

22. Dorothy Anderson Schneider (69), is their grand aunt
23. Bobbie Jo Schneider (25), daughter of Gene Schneider is a second cousin
29. Although Walter Steinhauer (93) acts as a grand parent, he is considered the husband of the girl’s great grand mother.

Jaeme and Kelsie share a relationship with
12 Paul Anderson (37).
He is Jaeme’s uncle
Kelsie’s first cousin, once removed
27. Ryen Anderson (28)
He is Jaeme’s uncle
Kelsie’s first cousin, once removed

I have a few people in September who are related to Jaeme
9. Hilda Opseth Skinner (124), who is Jaeme’s great grand aunt
26. John Ranum (119), Brother of Benhard Ranum, is her second great grand uncle
20. Philip Lundberg (119), second great grand daughter.

Let’s review:

In cracking the cousin code
1st cousin’s share grand parent
2nd share great grand parent
3rd share great great grandparent!

Rabbit, Rabbit!!