Sunday, April 26, 2009


It is said one can save 10% on the yearly water bill if one turned the hot water heater down to 120 degrees. Of course, one could just jump into the Red River of the North!
All kidding aside, let's talk about bathing or showering.
Let me ask you this:
1. How many of you didn't have a shower when you were little?
2. How many of you always washed your hair in the kitchen sink? Did you wash your hair every day? Am I hearing Thursday for the weekend and Sunday for the first day of the school week?
3. How many of you got a bath in the wash tub? How many baths did you get a week? How about when you were a teen?
4. How many of you gave your kids baths in the kitchen sink?
The first full bathroom I remember had birch cabinets and a bath tub. I only remember the tub because daddy fell asleep in it reading the paper.
I do remember having my hair washed in the kitchen sink and remember washing my own in the kitchen sink for several years.
I do remember being at my grand mothers and having a wash tub bath; the water was heated on the stove in an aluminum kettle which was added to the tap water already in the tub.
When showers became part of our household, it was more for daddy than it was for the rest of us. Imagine my surprise when I started taking showers and could wash my hair at the same time.
In the last house my grandparents built, there was only a shower with a rough floor so they would not fall although Benhard and Julia both called it "bath night" which was always Saturday.
Daddy showered and mother bathed in the claw tooth tub twice a week. Take a shower and change into clean clothes. RULE: If you don't take a shower, you may NOT put on clean clothes. One of my children showered many times a day and yes, he also changed several times a day.
Now, the shower runs each day for each of us. Are we dirtier? Why do we need to shower every day anyway?
Maybe it has to do with the Native America saying of going to the river each morning and washing away the bad dreams, as without it, one carries the dreams with you. Does this mean if I have a great dream I shouldn't shower........................for a really long time?
Save 10% you say? The city of Fargo has a sales tax vote coming up in June. Let's hope we don't have to spent 10%!
Now, where is my rubber ducky?

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