Tuesday, April 7, 2009


30 MAR 2009

Her name isn't important, her occupation is; she is one of many certified nurses aids who followed the residents of her nursing home to Steele, ND, a hundred and fifty some miles straight west when the home was evacuated. They rotate a dozen aides every three days, they work 12 hour shifts. Her mood was up beat, although she was tired. She will be recalled after a rest, if necessary. WILLING

Mayor Walaker quotes Harry Truman, saying, "The buck stops here." His niagara of emails continue. He reminds us that in 1997, the city ramped up more than once. He calls for diligence and not letting down the high alert until the water has dropped to thirty-six feet. Non essential businesses are yammering to get back to work and service and obviously the ring of the register. His concern is traffic, safety of the city, and ability for crews to make quick work of getting around. He did not comment on whether or not liquor stores were essential.

Although the police department and the commission request stores stay closed, retailers are opening. Many of the blogs include statements of complaint. If not in the flood zone what is the problem with opening? Again, it is stressed the streets many be needed for equipment and snarled traffic can be avoided. Accidents pull police off the focus.

The water level in Fargo is 39.2 feet this morning. It was 40.15 yesterday at this time. We are encouraged, even with the possibility of a foot of snow falling in the next 48 hours with winds 20-35 mph.

Sandbag Central opened for business at 8'clock Sunday morning and filled for twenty-four hours. Tom wondered, in wait, to see if it was going to be extended; he is rested and ready. It was, as Pat Zavoral said, "The world's biggest beach party". The volunteers brought the inventory up to 450K bags. An unnamed faceless person suggest we should store sandbags so we are 'ready'. Think about a football field, which is 100 hundred long. Imagine half a football field covered and stacked high with sandbags.

The hospitals and nursing homes hope to begin the returning and open for business and are planning returns from around a tri-state area. Prairie St. John's, the psych hospital, hopes to start earlier. Many people who would use their services are going to ER and walk in centers; these people need specialized help.

We need to keep this epic flood in focus. As individuals, we need to consider public safety and stand vigilant with the city plan to get us through this time. It is a time to use our coping skills and comfort others. All of us, will be a new normal when the city is cleaned up, the sand bags and dikes are taken down and the honeymoon is over.

Remain positive with us. And if you wish to canoe, choose a different river.


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