Monday, April 20, 2009

MELLEM, Peter and Caroline

This is a picture of Peter and Caroline Lappagaard Mellem. They were known as Pete and Lena. Shirley knew Caroline as Mrs. Pete.

If you want a grand widow lady in your neighborhood, Mrs. Pete is the kind you want. What a lady.

Peter (21 MAR 1887-22 SEP 1966) and Caroline Lappagaard (2 FEB 1890-APR 1981) had eight living children. There is no first hand knowledge the twins born 7 OCT 1920 or the 'baby' (11 NOV 1950) were their children.

Living children:
Pearl 1908
Myrtle 1909
Roy 1910
Clarence 1911-2002
Florence 1915
Alvin 1919
Vernon 1925-1999
Joyce 1925

At the Rindal Cemetery in Lot 59, the following Mellem's are buried. If you are looking for Mellem, be sure to check MELLUM as well.

Lot 59
Baby boys (twins)
Caroline, (Although she died in Libby, Montana, she is buried at Rindal)

Peter and his brother Emil, are both listed as their mother's maiden name is Pederson. Yes, I am confused, too!

Long live the memories of these two fabulous people, they were both so cute and so full of laughter!


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