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.......and Tulla writes:

There were many from Trysil Norway who settled in New Solum twp, Thief River and Winger / McIntosh areas. You will discover some by looking at our website. The other main Trysil settlements were in the Alexandria and Holmes city twp areas; and in the Fargo area. Just north of Fargo in Harwood twp and Wiser twp of Cass co, ND (Cass County is Fargo and environs.

Thorinus and his family, his sister Tolline and Tolline's daughter Lovise Olsdtr went to the Wiser twp area when they first immigrated and probably moved to New Solum when the 13 townships opened up. Tolline filed "first papers" for citizenship in Clay county in April 1884. I found no 2nd papers. And that is about the last I know of her. Her daughter, Lovise married Eddijius Evensen in the Fargo area and in the late 1890s they went with several other Trysling to begin a colony on the north end of Vancouver Island in BC. The colony was named Quatsino and it's a great story.

I think there is much you can tell me about New Solum and Thief River, etc. and perhaps I can help you as well.

I noticed in your blog a reference to Sven Svenson who had gone west to look for a place to move with his 3 daughters. Would that be the Sven Svenson married to Jennie Nyhus? Jennie was sent to Fergus Falls for mental problems. They had three daughters; Sylvia Gladys, Jennie Olivia and Geneva. If so, do you have further information?

I will send Norwegian info on Thorinus' family.

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