Thursday, April 2, 2009


24 MAR 2009

Snow and wind today. Water level is 35+. We hope for a crest below 42. Tom will fill bags again tonight. Baggers are supposed to call first.

Cars go by on our street through the slush left from sump pumps being run into the street. There won't be any street cleaning until the temorary dikes are finished. No trash pick up, either. Good we don't have a set of triplets with poopy diapers!

Although other cities may have water restrictions, Fargo does not. I am hopeful to get another load or two finished, including Tom's sand/mud jeans.

While out last night, he ran into Kaitlin and her mother. IMAGINE! 10,000 sand baggers and Tom meets his Monday night baggers! Don't you love it?

Better snow than rain.



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