Friday, April 10, 2009


As you may remember, Old Trunks has been experimenting with different coffees after seeing that Eight O'clock was voted the best and the cheapest. When this bag of whatever is finished, I will be back to my Folgers. For me, it has the best part of waking up is Folgers in my cup.

Let's think about what our grandmother's may have said about this. What if they wrote a HOW TO?

I think the women of New Solum Township may have agreed that a really good cup of coffee is at all times a luxury and one that is very frequently difficult to obtain. Simple as the operation of making it appears, t is not everyone who understands who to produce a more than barely palatable drink.

Making French drip? Use a heaping teaspoon of pulverized coffee and place it in a canvas strainer on the top of the coffee pot, pouring a cup of water for every teaspoon of coffee. The water, of course, must first boil. Pour the coffee through a strainer at least three times.

Plain coffee? Buy whole beans and grind it as coarse as you like. Use a tablespoon of coffee for each cup, not heaping. Mix the ground coffee with an egg and one cup of boiling water for each cup. Boil five minutes. Remove from heat, add a little cold water and let it settle.

That is the grandma way. It is the way of the Lutheran Church ladies from Rindal Church near Rosewood. And if you were lucky it did NOT boil over. And if you were lucky enough, it didn't taste burned.

I raise my cup to you!


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