Saturday, April 18, 2009


As I get back into a normal, new normal after the flood, I am finding I am not focused on one thing. I am like a rocket that doesn't seem to know to use energy to focus upward instead of out word. Bear with me, won't you?

As you remember MELLEM is my children's heritage. Along with Shirley and Enid, we earlier discovered who was who. The thing about it is, OT just thought everyone knew 'everything'. It isn't the case.

Tulla writes, "Thank you so much for this information and sorting out for me who was married to who" as she referred to the Mellem children and their spouses. In old obits, women were always Mrs. X, rather than Mrs. (Jane) Doe. It helps all of us to know just who is who, doesn't it?

I had sent her the obituary from Enoch Nelson. Tulla wrote,
" The information about Enoch was interesting as I had not realized he also was from Trysil ~ the Skjærberget area. We spent some time in the Skjærberget area in August because I also have relatives who came from that part. The Ole Halvorsen Bakken family of Thief River on our website were related to me as well. Nyhus family who lived in Thief River are also related to me". What happens when so many names are passed on to me, is the desire to find out about the people in the New Solum area that are listed in the information I have.

She went on to say Enoch as first married to a Grambo. It states Enoch's death was unknown. We do understand that if someone dies and we don't know the best way to answer it is with a statement such as unknown. He is on the Grambo line on the Trysil website.

Tulla states, "I noticed on your blog that you have a picture of Thorinus and wonder if I could have permission to add it to his bio on our website? Am also looking for a picture of Pauline".

So just where is this Trysil website? What is the address? What is there?
Trysil Historielag USA-CANADA. Who knows you may even by on it!

Have a grand Saturday


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