Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here is part of the harvest from Tulla, a lady, as you can see, is much into genealogy and has a true gift of gathering information. Imagine how surprise and excited I was to receive a note from her in mid-March!

I am not a Mellem, nor am I part of the blood line. Old Trunks started the genealogy blog based I what I could find regarding New Solum Township which included Rosewood, MN. My great grandparents on both sides took root in the area, along with great aunts and uncles. The Mellem family are connected to my children through marriage. If you search MELLEM on the blog you will get numerous hits.

Here is the first of many pieces of email:

I found your blog with much interesting information. My roots are from Trysil, Norway but I live in Minnesota.

From your blog I assume that you are connected to Thorinus Toresen Mellem / Mæhlum (Nabben). Am I correct?

A group of us began a Trysil historielag USA/Canada in 2003 and began a website at that time with bios of Trysil immigrants. We keep following threads. I was especially interested in the Mellems because the Mæhlum "gaard" in Trysil is across the road from Strandvold, my gg-gparents. For a few years I have been trying to find what happened to Thorinus's sister, Tolline who emigrated with him and his family. Tolline brought her daughter with her -- Lovise Olsdtr. I have much information on Lovise and her life but no mention of her mother.

Another twist. I found your blog because in the last week or so I heard from a Norwegian man living in England who had found our website and is a descendant of one of Thorinus's brothers who remained in Norway. He has information on the Norwegian side.

Our communication has been quiet of late, due to the flood in Fargo, but I am ready to start the presses with her once more and share the marvelous details with you!


And Happy Birthday, Lisa!

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Kendra Addicott said...

I am a descendant from Torinus (Welgaard) Mellem and Pauline Mellem both were born in Trysil Norway. Torinus 10/10/1854 and Pauline 9/5/1856. They came to Strip (Rosewood) Minnesota in 1884.
Torinus parents were Mr. and Mrs. Thore Mellem. and Pauline's parents were Mr. and Mrs. Peder Mellem. Out of their children they had a 5th child named Peter who was my grandfathers father. He married Caroline Lappegaard 10/18/1907. She was born 2/2/1890 and he was born 3/21/1887 and died in ND 9/22/1966.
Out of Caroline and Peter Mellem's children their 4th son Clarence Rudolph Mellem was my grandfather.
However in looking for information of the brothers and sisters and parents of both Torinus Welgaard Mellem and Pauline Mellem I have hit a brick wall, if you have any information I would greatly appreciate it I have been searching endlessly to find more ancestry further back. Please email any questions or comments to klasissy@hotmail.com