Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday, Old Trunks left off with the idea that dogs were different in other parts of the world and that, as we discussed is just how the breeds differed, interbred and formed new stock for hunting, digging, tracking, pulling, and 'other'.

I was surprised to learn that at one time, it was thought that fox interbred with dogs, although after long series of experiments and observations there has not been a fox/dog cross. Now, you must remember the information I am reading is from 1919. Let's hop on the net and see what we might find 80 years later. Be right back or is that BRB. According to there is no evidence that doxes exist as a hybrid. Perhaps it has to do with the number of chromosomes; dogs 78 and foxes 34, (sounds like a bad basketball score, doesn't it?).

We DO know that wolves, jackals, dingos, and dogs interbreed. Perhaps even coyotes fall into the group. Maybe I should look, right? BRB. It is considered uncommon based on the in heat cycle, which for coyotes is once a year, generally between January and March. Wow, think about this, if coyotes came into season like domestic dogs did, think about the population explosion of coyotes--or maybe doyotes!

Tomorrow DINGOS!


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