Thursday, February 11, 2010


Let's look at this: For those of you who are old enough not to be baby sat by a TV, there were other things to do. HONEST!!! Old Trunks spent a lot of time at her grand parents house. For some reason, it seemed as if I was ill, that is where I was brought. Grandma could always sweat out a fever with her pile of moth ball smelling quilts.

While there I like to look at the old books. As I said yesterday, my favorite was Volume 35 which, among other things, had the dog pictures, well, actually lit ho prints would be more like it.

I took that book out of the case yesterday and I had the oddest sensation. I was looking at it in the same awe-struck look as I did as a child. It seemed as if I could hear Grandma Ranum say, "Be careful".

Another thing that made me grin was that I realized yesterday that I had never read the article about the dogs, only the captions under the pictures. I remembered looking at one picture with my grand father of a wolf and collie cross. The being was standing on a stump in a full growl attack mode.

I could not, as a child figure out how anyone could get close enough to get that picture. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized it was a taxidermy project. Grandpa may have told me that but I didn't listen OR in didn't register.

In order to appreciate the writings and the pictures and lithographs, Old Trunks needs to do some scanning. That is my project for the day.

I am off to set up the scanner and start processing for the information to offer in the next days.

I wish you well.


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