Saturday, February 27, 2010


..and she said, "Darn nylons, stuck my finger in them and made a hole while trying to put them on................"

Think about when WWII was in progress and all the nylon was going to the war effort and women put black eye brow pencil lines up the back of their legs so it LOOKED like they were wearing stockings!

Think about how we went from nylons with seams, "are my seams straight"? to no seams so it looked like you had tan legs. What colors did they offer? Suntan and beige. Suntan legs and pale white skin on our arms. Oh, the harmony of it.

Then, skirts and dresses got short and pantyhose took the scene. Pink rubber like girdles where below the hem line.

But the funniest thing I remember about nylons and girdles was a girl named PH. She was no bigger than a might but wore a Playtex rubber girdle and for those of us in gym class who got wet after a shower, getting those garments on was a real challenge unless you were dry.

But there is something even funnier. My Mother was very proper. My brother was going to boot camp and would leave from Fargo, ND. The family drove to Fargo on a very hot summer day in a car without air conditioning. Mother was all dressed up including a girdle and socks.

We were sitting at the restaurant and she excused herself, only to come back with a bulging purse and bare legs. Greg said she only needed a girdle to hold up her socks. She had removed both, she was just way too warm.

Yet, something else is recalled. I got one pair of nylons a week. If I ruined them on Monday, tough unless I wanted to buy them out of my allowance. Socks were more than my allowance, by the way.

Didn't seem like anyone had clear nail polish to stop the runs which ran up and down, only red polish. At the end of the week the socks were speckled when I tied them on the antenna of Rag doll and sped around declaring liberation.

I still think nylons are in order to finish out an outfit. I can't help that, it is just the finish.

I have three bags of panty hose in the bottom center drawer of the dresser. One of black, another navy, and the last tan/beige/and suntan. There is also a bag full of nylon like knee highs. If you come into the house while we are sleeping, please feel free to steal these items. Especially if you need to have nylons on the fly.

Joy to you.


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