Friday, February 26, 2010


And she said, "I am missing an ingredient......for my pie!

One is either born with insight, or like Old Trunks, you learn it by coming up short enough times.

And such is the case with daughter making an apple pie. She could roll a crust as a teenage like I have never learned and perhaps, never will. Although Rachel did not say I am missing an ingredient, we did realize that we could do better with just another apple or two. We had already cleared out the mix of apple types in the fridge.

Elizabeth and Walter north of us a couple of houses and gave us a couple of apples in exchange for pie. Elizabeth was not happy that Walter said it was the best pie he ever had.

Maybe a mix of apples, good friends, and a superb crust makes no only for a great pie but life itself.

What's your missing ingredient?


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