Wednesday, February 24, 2010


......And it said she is offering a free food tasting event at the Touch Down Cafe` today.

Old Trunks asked herself, is there a real Touch Down Cafe` somewhere? And the answer is yes.

There is one in Ann Arbor, MI which has closed. The man who did the review said he vomited a little and he also was glad it was closed because it was dirty. Well, we can't go there for lunch for free samples, can we? Closed why? Lost there liquor license.

Touchdown Cafe in Australia is a stand out for the excellent food but also the fact that the cafe has a large patio area facing the taxiway of the airfield so that you can watch the aircraft taking off and lading and if your lucky even get to see a few people taking lessons in some of the helicopters that are based here, all while eating your breakfast.

And what a breakfast it is at Wellesbourne, hand on heart (ironic I know when you talk about large meaty fry-ups) I personally feel that the breakfast served at Wellesbourne is the best breakfast I've ever had, and it's not only the breakfasts, the rest of the food cooked here is outstanding, in fact I can never make my mind up if to have the breakfast, one of their delicious omelette's or to just go mad and stuff myself with one of the many freshly made cafes they have on show!The sign above the hatch way into the kitchen sums it all up "We do not operate a fast food service but, we do service good food as fast as we can" and take it from me, the food is more than good.
Now, if you go back and look at the picture, you will see those eggs have been fried mighty quick to make them bubble up like that. And who wants beans with eggs? How about those mushrooms? I wonder what those sausages have in them? Kangaroo, maybe?
Then there is the Touch Down Cafe` in Birmingham, AL. No reviews and OT doesn't wish to dig deeper into the chow to find out.
Names are interesting, aren't they? What would you call a cafe` if you were an owner? Would you name it after yourself?
Well, eggs and beans to you.

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