Thursday, February 25, 2010


..And he said, "What is your opinion of me"................

Tell me, if your husband asked you that, would the first thing that came to your mind come out of your mouth? Surprise! It did for me.

My concern is strictly for him. He and I have had numerous conversations about what he would do if he didn't work. He fishes; that is his only hobby. He complains about his brain not functioning well. We had a everything on the table discussion last night about what his strong points are. He asked me my opinion and he got a cannonball express answer. I don't think it matters if he is 68 and drops dead or he has to cut his losses. I think it only matters if he has a sense of accomplishment and a sense of worth about himself on a day to day basis. I am convinced that is what it is all about and the rest is just bucks and bucking.

I truly find that he needs to give away his information. He had a conversation with the couple at Gander Mountain over the weekend. This keeps him alive and in the loop. Sitting on the sofa and watching the news does nothing for him exchanging information.

As for him thinking his brain is drying up, I pointed out to him that, in the summer while fishing, he is watching his line, where the boat it, what the weather is, and watching what I am doing including toss, tangles, missing fish, etc, etc, etc. So the brain part doesn't bother me.

He talks about his health in some form every day. But it doesn't stop him from wrangling a tread mill about in the basement, shoveling/blowing snow or running six flights of stairs at work several times a day for exercise.

Almost tearfully I reminded him that he was a ask the question, answer the question kind of guy and that certainly was so much a part of him that it is a strength.

Perhaps what we all have to realize is that we all have an opinion about most things going on around us. We just aren't asked that often.

So, what was my first thing out of my mouth? WOW, I am honored you asked.


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