Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hanging next to the drafting table in the craft room is one of those $1 calendars, suitable only for mini marks. This is the birthday calendar. This is also the calendar that reminds me of cards to make for special people in my life. BUT WAIT: I have a master list as well. These folks are too special to miss.

ANOTHER calendar we have is at the lake. When we come in from fishing, I write the count down, although I have recorded each outing in a water stained and fish slimed notebook. Tom bought me a fishing watch so I didn't have to ask him what time it was!

Now, I don't know if you save your calendars. Seems like a silly idea, doesn't it? Well, when you fish with someone who remembers every cast, it is a necessity. If he is going to ask me when we were at some remote lake on a day I wasn't in full brain, I need something to signal me when the occasion occurred. TA DAH! Calendar saving.

And so begets yet another fishing calendar. One weekend is marked 52, another 17. There is no weather nor is there medication, simple catch........and released fish.

I see by the birthday calendar Dick is 70 today. Happy birthday, Dick!


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