Saturday, June 26, 2010


Dixie was a nervous sort. The doctor asked her if she walked much. She said she did. She walked to the Kwik Shoppe every day and bought a candy bar and ate it on the way home. She couldn't understand why she was gaining weight, after all, she was walking. Doctor told her to walk to Clinton Lake and back each day, a round trip of about eight miles. She actually found more comfort in walking than she did in the candy bar. She used her mental energy for walking instead of worrying. Way to go!

When visiting D&L, there was always a walk to the main road involved. If not, then, at least to the bridge.

Daddy walked two miles to school each day. At one time, as an elementary school student, we lived more than a mile from school. It was walked in nearly all weather conditions. When it was really cold, Mr. Wilson would take us in his old truck.

Although walking is now popular, running is even more so. Me? No, I ran after Bud for 11 days when he was four and learning how to ride a bike. I could run faster than all the scouts in the troop I was honored to lead. I ran from one base to another in softball and I ran after ponies when they got out of the fence.

I have recently connected with a relative on Mother's side. She is a runner. She now does a 12 minute mile. My own daughter has started run training. She is doing a 17 minute mile. There was to be a rush somewhere here and beating one's own time seems like the prize. Never the less, in front of God and everyone, I do wish to congratulate her on her latest fitness addition.

Such fun it was in the spring and fall when the boys from high school would run past our house as part of conditioning. We may or may not have been doing them a favor by setting the sprinkler on the side walk but we were certain we where.

Hats off to Rachel!
Run Rachel, Run!


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