Monday, June 14, 2010


Old trunks some times wonders if friends are more important than anything. Ever notice how, even if you don't agree, they seem to pull you out of a hole, even if it isn't for more than a bit?

Let's talk about Paul. Now, I have known this man for 13 summers. He is stoic and no matter how much charm I think I have, he is the hardest person to get past cool.

After the great fall from the deck, he told Tom he was going to find me a helmet to wear so I didn't get hurt. I didn't hear the conversation between the two but was a little annoyed because it was like a pat on the head and the fall was no biggie. But then you have to remember I was up side down in pain and in a fix.

Well, we went to the lake last weekend and on top of the golf car was the helmet and a handicap sticker stuck in the window. He put it there after we arrived. Tom helped me out of the truck and inside. He came in and asked if I could come out for a minute. And there it was helmet and handicapped and I laughed so hard that all the woe is me was out the window. It was healing.

Later, we would take a pix of me holding a pike with the helmet on and telling Paul that the pike didn't get me because of his generosity. And that is when I finally got a hug and Mr. Stoic warmed up.

It is win win.

Let's hope you have friends to bring you to laughter.


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