Monday, June 21, 2010


That is, according to the calendar.........

When does summer start for you? When you were a kid, wasn't it when the final bell rang and freedom abounded for three months?

Was it when the life guard was at the river so you could swim?

Was it when you ran behind the jeep while it fogged for mosquitoes?

Was in when you went to camp?

Was it when the first chigger buried in your skin and made you itch until your mother painted it with clear finger nail polish?

Was it when the private pool you belonged to opened?

When it first hit 80 degrees?

Or, did you look at the calendar and say, "Summer"?

Summer. Is that when you wear short pants and cover up with a blanket in North Dakota or is that when you wear a down coat to fish?

Ah, summer. Play if you may.


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