Friday, June 4, 2010


Having no experience on calendar notes as a child, I had to rely on myself to make a plan.

The first calendar I wrote on wasn't a calendar at all, rather a big piece of tag board with all the summer months on it. It was designed to follow baseball and softball games. It hung on the side of the fridge.

As in all things, when I start out I am over informed. Actually way over informed might be closer to the truth. After I understand the process, I cut back and make symbols and develop my own codes or abbreviate. The best time to catch me is past the over informed stage.

What may have started as 7 PM; Saints verses Tigers at DCFG became Saints-h7. OR Saints-V7. Depending on who was up to bat first. It didn't really matter if I put Tigers, we were the Tigers and we always played at the same field anyway. Besides one can get a lot more information on a calendar that way.

Now just what did that little red dot mean? Why would YOU put a little red dot on the calendar?

Later, I would see my parent's calendar evolve. It would have numbers like 7 1/2, 15, clinic. It all had to do with the medication he was taking. It was written on the calendar where he could see it with morning coffee so he would know how much to take on any given day.

Our calendar at home has HC and Phone. There may be an appointment somewhere. HC stands for hair cut. Instead of saying, "You need a hair cut" one can look and say to themselves, "It has been three weeks, time for a hair cut". People in a professional business need to be tidied up more often.

The phone stands for when to add minutes to the cell phone. I am not much of a phone person anymore. I talked too much for too long. So the plan is a pay as you go. Well, sort of. It is $16.02 a month and if I miss the deadline, I loose my $325 credit. So I have a method, I put it on the calendar.

Do we have other calendars? Yes.


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