Saturday, August 28, 2010


Grandma Mae stood in the kitchen at the tipped forward mirror above a sink with a slop pail under it. Below the mirror was a shelf with a curtain which hid the things she did to maintain her beauty.

She was a tiny woman with a beautiful summer tan from working in the gardens. At night, she would later up her face with Pond's Cold Cream. I bought some a while back, more the aroma of her than the product itself.

Recently I read of all the things one should do to save their skin from the sun exposure. Grandma Mae would have lost the rat in her rolled up on the back of her neck hair style if she knew the products listed cost $725.00. The list did not look like the local supermarket items. Maybe it is the price of beauty. Much of it comes from great skin, like Mae and my dad.

I don't think there is a product on the market that will take the wrinkles off the left side of my face from squinting and driving. A friend in New York will have plastic surgery after all the cancer is removed; that side of her face will be smooth--She questioned if she could get a two for one!

What I did glean from the article was a starting point, that is exfoliate with a product that includes 8% glycolic. I will take my camping stool to the store and read labels on some afternoon at the lake when it is windy, raining, or just too hot to be on the water getting sun burned.

Mean while, used sunscreen, as I do every day year around because I mix it with my face paint.


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