Monday, January 10, 2011


Generally, when cleaning the corners happens, it means inwardly I am willing for an inner change. A sort of making room for something else. It just happens. It has for years.

So what did I do? I have this old desk, the heavy metal gray unit, perhaps late 1940's. The top has a glass, between the glass and the top a piece of fabric was placed so I am not looking at the grey top.

The other day or was it the other week, poor sweet Thomas went to open the file drawer which moved laboriously. He brought a can of WD-40 to help lubricate the rails. It took the two of us to get one drawer out. After, it moved, (forgive me--slicker than snot).

This morning I was visiting with a long time email bud. I stated we were going to do the drawers on the desk. I started to think about the amount of time it would take out of Tom's evening to have me empty the drawers, pull them out, oil, and put them back in and all the stuff that had to be put back. Since I had to unload everything anyway, why not just maintain them myself?

The one drawer was a concern, was it too bulky for me to do myself? Why not try it, anyway?

It is more than drawers that open so fast they could fly through the windows. It is more than vacuuming and washing and making cleaning rags looking like time-to-toss rags.

What am I open to? There is room.


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