Monday, January 24, 2011


Perhaps you remember a coffee pot percolating on the stove whether it be glass or aluminum. Maybe you had a chance to watch the Ladies Aid people use the big pots where the grounds of coffee lay on the top of the water and the heat brought the coffee to a boil, it was pulled off the stove and an egg was added to settle the grounds.

If you remember any of them, then you know the coffee was served HOT. Scorching hot and if you did not blow on it, your mouth got burned. I suppose that is why Grandpa Benhard sipped his off a saucer as he sat in bed having coffee in the morning. (My grandparent's played cards every night to see who had to get up to make and serve the coffee to the other while still in bed).

Once, in another life, I did take a scorching mouthful from a cup. The coffee just came off the stove. By this time, electric pots had invaded our home and the biggest complaint was the coffee was not hot--enough. After Mr. Coffee came out with their 5 minute pot: hot coffee was not to be had.

Now, Mrs. Johnson had a plug in preculator. It was never hot enough but would not allow anything like a microwave in her house. Tom put one in the basement, as she didn't do stairs anymore and would make her coffee, heat it to boiling, and serve her. She probably never knew that her son was not magic, rather, had a tool hidden to make his mother happy.

So this morning when my question was: How fast can you move when you spill a cup of hot coffee wasn't how hot the coffee was but how fast can you move not to get wet. Warp speed? Yes. Scorched speed? No because it wasn't that hot. Although I may have gotten a little pink.

I wondered then and still do, how Grandpa Benhard could sit up on a V, (that is sagging in the middle mattress) and sip hot coffee from a saucer holding it with five finger tips.

I wondered too, did I see the cup spill this morning or did I hear it first?

Old Trunks is grateful:

1. The desk is covered with a glass
2. My mouse is on a tile given to me by my son
3. My keyboard is raised
4. There is a mat on the floor under the chair
5. I have lots of rags.
6. And because I had coffee soaked rugs, instead of thinking about doing the laundry, I did.

Although this may not seem a lot to be grateful about, it was at least a spirit of being grateful instead of complaining.

May your cup remain upright and be good to the last drop even IF it isn't Folger's and you aren't Mrs. Olson.


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