Friday, January 14, 2011


Old Trunks has learned most people do not like paper work. Rather, most people I know don't like paper work.

Helen writes to say that her mother feels all that is needed to seal a deal is a handshake. Isn't that so unheard of now?

Actually, even dying didn't have that much paper work that long ago. Just bury them. Yet, somewhere along the line, the death had to be registered before the deceased could be buried.

I wonder if, when Grandpa Benhard and his carpenter bud rolled that school house log over log to a new location if there was paper work to support the move and the payment.

Shilpa mentioned she wished everything would be paperless. Out there, as Nate says, "In the cloud"

In many ways we jump the canyon between hard copy and paperless without realizing it. Perhaps you have your pay check put in your bank. Others need to feel it, first.

Perhaps as we get older, our heads get full and we don't file mentally as well as we used to. Many we need the hybrid. The best of the paper shuffle as well as the cloud.

What is the cloud? What do I mean?


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