Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Old Trunks wondered if the make up looked like I was jaundiced because I was or because the cataracts made everything yellow. Alas, neither are true.

It is summer skin color verses winter skin color. And I am not the only one affected. When we went to the market on Saturday, more for a walk and to see if life existed beyond the house, I saw a check out person, about my age with hair AND skin the same color. We could have been sisters. Except her lips disappeared when she got a little niffy because MST put the milk on the counter whereas she was supposed to take them out of the basket and slide them across the glass.

Now last year, I bought a spray on your make up machine, which seemed to do a good job except all the walls and the white towels in the bathroom had make up on them too. And, of course, there was the price of $40 a tube which didn't last very long. Back to the drawing board....again.

I could be my freckled, age spotted, wrinkled face in with a palate of colors OR I could be yellow OR I could try experimenting with different make up brands and colors. ....sometime......

Old Trunks did not know that soda was on sale at a store I do not go to until MST saw the ad on Sunday. It the icy wind, we would venture to the store for soda and I would look for make up to mix together to paint the face.

Now this brand was the right color but too light and this one was more rose than yellow but too dark, I could mix them. And since my lashes are growing because of the RX for the DX of glaucoma, I would buy some new lash extender to fill them in.

As I painted away this afternoon, I noticed that regardless of what they say about using lip liner to keep the lipstick from migrating into the lines, well let's say it may work except, I can't see well without glasses and my lips have never been that full. And...again because I didn't have my glasses on, I have one eye brow considerably darker and heavier than the other.

I am a one eyed jack. If I had a face lift, I am certain there would be enough left over to make a leather coat for a size 3X guy.

Oh good grief.


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