Saturday, January 15, 2011


Let's hope all of us pick up terms and ideas from everyone we meet. Let's hope we have not mind pruned to the point nothing new seeps in. Let's hope that within the conversations we have with others their is some sense of learning, feeling, and appreciation; no matter if it is like fireworks or jes a lil ol fire fly on the fourth of July.

There are still sweet mysteries in life and as Ann says, "The only thing that stays the same is things keep changing".

I rotate out a computer of one sort of another when it is three years old. It is still got enough pop to it to be useful to someone else. I am down to just buying the tower. I don't want a package deal. I replace the keyboards when they get sloppy and like my huge flat screen monitor. And I thought this desk top was younger. Alas, it is not. Although it had the moxie to move about quickly, I knew there was crapola on it that I didn't use.

So, when Nate was here, he suggested I purge all and reload the drivers. I moved the personal files stored on the computer because he said so. Then he started talking about the cloud. Why didn't I have my pictures on the cloud?

What he meant was buy or use on line storage and have it stored off site. Because I have a brain that has to have some sort of comparison, I said, "Is it like storing the boat at the lake"? He said it was, however, it was always accessible unlike the boat.

And then he told me where to go to do it. And since I had used this server before and made it crash, I was hesitating. He explained to be the bugs had been worked out and I would be very pleased.

Although, in the past, I have been taking the pictures off the lake computer and bringing them home on an external hard drive, now I can just up load them to my cloud and look at them at home. Yes, I can label the folder as I wish. I do have a printer at the lake but it throws blue, the one I gave away did purple. So I like to print at the house.

Is in the cloud for you?


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