Saturday, January 15, 2011


She works as a bartender at a restaurant in Fargo. Tips flow freely in December. The tips are spent freely in December.

But it is January now and the nature of the beast for people to tighten up on tipping and be just plan gr inches. It is not the Grinch that stole Christmas, it is really the Grinch that stole January.

What is it about this long month? It doesn't seem to matter where you live, although the snow banks don't help it any. There just isn't much going on. Why is it that projects are not thought of in, let's say, November and promised to be done in January? Wouldn't that give everyone a sense of accomplishment and a sense of worth for this 31 days of dark?

In North Dakota, November is the dreary month. It doesn't seem like there is a sun anyway to push the cranks out but we have things going as we fret to get to Christmas. Teri said this morning, "Don't worry about Monday, enjoy the weekend". And isn't that what it is all about?

Fret if you wish. There are things to do in January. You may have to preplan to get your self 'in the mood' but it can be done.

And if, you are a bartender and reap great amounts in December, why not look toward the lack of extra money in January and put some back? Why not pay forward so you have a month free?

I tried to explain to M that it just happens. She did not buy that even, in my years working with 02 patients they were crabby in January and apologized in February. M has worked at this profession long enough to know it is going to happen.

Daddy used to say, "Where is the gum-shun". Grandpa read the obits and since he wasn't in it, he played solitaire until he won. It didn't matter what time of the day he won the game, he wouldn't comb his hair until he did.

As a teen, January meant a thaw. Time to drive that Chevy full bore on the sloppy streets of town. In Kansas, at least for several years, it was getting scouts ready for the big thing in February. January has become the time to do big house cleaning. Each day I take part of a room. At the end of the week, one room is done. If you saw our home you would know even angels collect dust. :)

We have, in a couple of hours, half a month to go. What are you going to do with it? How cranky can you be without apologizing to someone in February.

Catch the sunbeam, shine on others, they won't know what hit them. It is better than a snow ball, that is certain.


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Anonymous said...

People are Grinches in January! I went out to lunch with a friend who was shocked that I gave a tip of larger than 20%. It was great service and I know those couple of bucks will help that waitress more than I will miss it