Friday, July 27, 2007

Knox School in Thief River Falls, MN, Part Two

This is the 'new' Knox School. Obviously it was built in front of the 'old' Knox School. But wait, you say, "That isn't the Knox I went to!" No, it isn't the one I went to either, there must have been a third school. As you can see, the part with the steeple and the bell is the part that was sold to the Catholics in the first of this segment.

Recently, while driving with friends, I was looking for the house one of the ladies lived in. I knew it was right across the street from the school, but couldn't get my bearings. That was because they demolished the school and the block is now a housing development. Well, at least it isn't a parking lot!

In the third and last segment of Knox School, we will learn about its name and see a picture of the playground where many of us played on the swings and giant strides. For those of you who were hockey buffs, the out door rink was in front of the school.

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