Thursday, July 26, 2007

Orphans and Widows regarding New Solum Schools

I did find information which stated that consolidation of Busy Bee, Willowdale, Pritchard, and Rosebank was approved by the state. This was in September of 1920.

The petition to consolidate lacked enough signatures.

Then when it finally came to vote, it was 2 for and 4 against. October 22, 1920

That it was Willowdale that burned and was replaced in 1931 BUT the school was in Norden Township, which was district two in Pennington County.

Rosewood was district 41. Benhard Ranum was Clerk of the School. Rosewood will be addressed separately.

Now, this is where we need to get busy and research. We all know that Lloyd Anderson went to school at Columbus. He may have started school as early as 1911+5=1916 or 1917. We do know that it was District 134 or 34. We know it was not named Columbus until later. We know it may have been Pritchard or West.

But what is exciting is that Carl Bloom was on the school board and Nina visited Rosebank as a representative of District 34.

That means that Carl would have had to live in that area. Which means Lloyd would NOT have been living near the Opseths or on the T Mellem property AFTER Carl and Nina were married.

We do know that Lloyd and Ella bought Carl Bloom's land. We just don't know where it was. Once we find that, we will have a better feel for why Lloyd went to Columbus School.

Let's do a little math. Lloyd started school at six, (born 9 2 11), that makes him starting in the fall of 1917. If he went to school and graduated eighth grade, then he should have done so the same year Harry Ranum graduated which is about 1925. I think Nina and Carl were married in 1920; Carl owned land. This has to be were he went to school from.

Any ideas?


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