Friday, July 27, 2007

Northrop School, Thief River Falls, MN

Northrop school opens this week of 11 -7


When Northrop was built two years ago, rooms were left unfinished thinking they wouldn’t be needed for a long time

Northrop too, has been demolished. It isn't place is an apartment building.

My mother and her sister attended school there. Mother had Miss Tanberg as a teacher, I had her as a principal.

The second picture shows the front of Northrop where you can see the addition of a gym, including a stage, and a kitchen. Students ate hot lunch on tables in the gym. There was also an addition on second floor which included Mr. Beadle's sixth grade room and a library, which was across the hall.

I was fortunate enough to have a new class room and Mr. Beadle! He was a wonderful teacher who complimented his students and some how got across to them to think and be who they could be. Recently a former sixth grader and I talked about our time in Mr. Beadle's class. It was a blast to giggle and to remember having a sixth grade party at her house at the end of the year.

On the top picture we can imagine playing jacks, jumping rope, a soft ball game, and Fox and Geese when the snow was fresh. What I remember most, because I loved to ice skate, was the outdoor rink on the north and west corner of the block. How many of you skated there?

It was a great school with great teachers and for all of you who were cheerleaders, how fun it must have been to dress up in your green skirt, white blouse, and green kerchief to chant,

"Green and white, fight fight!

In the 1962 year book of Lincoln High School, there are class pictures of the fifth or sixth and sometimes both, class groups. It seems to me the pictures of Northrop were taken on a game day, as the girls were dressed in green and white--go Indians! I will see if I can scan those pictures and share them here at some random time.

Central, Northrop, Knox.

Yet to cover, Washington and Lincoln High.

Happy learning!


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Lori said...

Hi My name is Lori (Ostgarden)Leiby. I currently reside in Idaho. But I was online, look up Thief River and found this. I went to Northrup from K-5. My mother, Ardelle Ostgarden was a cook at Northrup for many years. We lived in the white house directly across the street from the main doors. My memories of the school are wonderful. It's a shame they tore it down.