Monday, July 30, 2007

Was that Really 80 years ago?

MARCH 1927
3 27 about forty persons attended the invitation progressive whist party, sponsored by the Rosewood Farmers Club at the hall on Saturday night. Mrs. Peter Mellem won high honors for the women and Benhard Ranum of the men.

JUNE 1927
6 16 Ladies Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. Benhard Ranum this week

JULY 1927
7 21 Benhard Ranum is employed by Hanson * ...Farm. He is erecting a 34 x 60 dairy barn.

8 18 several of the Benhard Ranum ........motored to Wannaska on Saturday to Pick blueberries and visit at the Carl Nelson home.


Olof Opseth last week purchased the residence of the late Steiner Johnson in the eastern part of the village at a price of $300.00 The deal was closed through John Stone of a brother to Mr. Johnson.


A brushing contract has been let by the local school board to Benhard Ranum to clean approximately a 60' enlargement to the Rose bank school playground. This will give the children more freedom and more space in playing outdoor games. A well may also be drilled on the school grounds this fall.

9 01 Olaf and Gust Opseth are employed in the northwestern corner of this township erecting an addition to the home.

9 8 reunion of relatives took place at the village park Sunday afternoon when Mr. and Mrs. Christ Eggen and Mr. Ingvall Eggen of Kelliher, Mr. and Mrs. Benhard Ranum and family, Mr. and Mrs. AM Gulseth, Mr. and Mrs. Olof Nordhagen and children, GJ Norhagen and Andrew Opseth of this place spent the afternoon there and enjoyed both a picnic dinner and supper in the green.

9 8 Benhard Ranum and Victor Axelson have left for Argyle where they will be employed during threshing.

9 25 Newell Anderson dies in Warren following surgery on his appendix.

11 24 Benhard Ranum is employed at the Eckland farm south of town remodeling the inside of their house........."

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