Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lincoln High School

In this picture, you can see how far back on the lot the school sits. You can also see the sidewalk between the schools. This part of the school faces east. We only know that because the Washington School front faces north, (although we all entered the building on the south side after recess). On the east side of Washington, we can see a white spot, in an enlargement, we know that is a child on a swing. Look how young the trees are!Thi
This photograph is from 1930.
This is Lincoln as I knew it. We know the front, (east wing) had granite floors, as did the entry way and the rooms upstairs. We know the part of the school that faces north also had granite floors. That has to mean that within what we can not see is old Lincoln. We know that French and American History was taught in this old part on second floor. We know seventh grade Social Studies was on first floor before all seventh and eighth grade classes were move to 'old Washington' after the remodel. We know there were lockers and down more steps was science and Art with Miss Gregory. We know the lowest level had a cafeteria and the 'old gym' where we used to dance during lunch hour. Well, we had to dance with the boys in junior high grades, cha, cha, cha!


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