Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Own Little Pippi LongStockings

She is not Swedish

Her father was not a sea captain

She did not have a monkey as a pet

She was not an only child

But she is strong and courageous

And has had a lot of adventures

And told a lot of stories

To children who knew of her magic bag.

She is an important person in the lives of many.

She loves her family and has good memories of her grandparents, her parents, and her brothers and sisters. She was born in Riener Township, MN on her parent's homestead. She attended school in that area as well as North Dakota, then again Minnesota.
Like Pippi, Ella is very intelligent in a common-sense fashion, and has a well-honed sense of justice and fair play. She will show respect to those who deserve it. I am thinking she was like that her entire life.

This grand lady has my respect.

Her name is Ella.

She is special.


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