Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lloyd Paul Anderson as a baby

As we remember, Lloyd Paul Anderson was born in 1911. He is the baby sitting in his mother, Nina's lap. Reverend Olaf Anderson, his father, is standing, and Newell, his brother in the light curls stands.
In this photo, Lloyd is dressed in a dress like garment which was very common for babies during that era. His brother, Newell, is wearing short pants,leggings and a sailor collared coat like garment.
Although Newell is light haired in this photograph, I assure you his hair would turn dark. Obviously they both have dark eyes like their parents.
It is hard to get a real good feel for pictures taken in this era. Most subjects sat stone still. It always made me wonder if these 'old' people never had anything to laugh or smile about. It wasn't just the people in New Solum that were stoic in the pictures, other areas were the same way. Photographs were more 'portrait' like, don't you think?
In my quest to find pictures of this era 1911-1912, I keyed in Winston Churchill as a subject. Well, that was a bust; do you remember how grumpy he looks? Taft was president during this time, I found a picture of him with a little grin but it was a head shot only and maybe he wasn't grinning maybe it was his mustache!
I like to think that Nina had a warm, sweet smile. In posts to come, I will share one of her where she is smiling for the camera. I like to think that although a minister, Olaf had a sense of humor. I like to think that Newell and Lloyd were typical little boys. I like to think Nina rocked her babies, hugged them, and cleaned off their faces with a little spit and the corner of her apron.
And hugs to you!

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