Saturday, August 22, 2009

DREAMS More Fruit

To dream that you are eating an apple, denotes harmony, pleasure, and fertility. In a biblical sense, eating an apple symbolizes your sexual appetite, lustful desires, and sexual awareness as associated with the apple in the Garden of Eden.

To see green apples, represents developing love or love that has yet to blossom.

To see rotten or eaten apples in your dream, indicates that whatever you are striving and aiming for may not be fulfilling, and even harmful to you. It may also represent neglect and carelessness.

To see bananas in your dream, may be a metaphor for repressed sexual urges and desires. It is a phallic symbol and represents masculine sexuality.
To dream that you are eating bananas, denotes that you hard work will be met with little reward and gains.

To see cherries in your dream, symbolizes honesty and truthfulness or sweetness and good fortune.
To see a cherry tree in your dream, represents luck, spring, femininity, and youth.

To see a pear in your dream, symbolizes the womb, fertility and thus may refer to some female in your life. It is also often associated with the Virgin Mary. The dream may also be a pun on a "pair" of something.
To see a pear tree in your dream, represents new opportunities.

Oh pleaaaaaaaaaaase!


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