Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DREAMS PAGE FIVE number dreams 0-5

Let's talk about numbers is dreams.

If you dream of zero:
Zero denotes timelessness, super-conscious, eternity, and absolute freedom. It also symbolizes God.

If you dream of one:
One stands for individuality, individuality solitude, the ego, leadership, originality, beginnings, and a winner. It also stands for a higher spiritual force.

If you dream of two:
Two stands for balance, diversity, partnership, soul, or receptivity. It can also symbolize double weakness or double strength. There is a duality as in male and female, mother and father, yin and yang, etc.

If you dream of three:
Three signifies life, vitality, inner strength, completion, imagination, creativity, energy, and self-exploration. Three stands for trilogy as in the past, present, and future or father, mother, and child, etc.

If you dream of four:
Four denotes stability, physical limitations, hard labor and earthly things, as in the four corners of the earth. It also stands for materialistic matters. You get things done.

If you dream of five:
Five represents your persuasiveness, spontaneity, daring/bold nature, action or the five human senses. This number may reflect a change in course. It is also the link between heaven and earth.

Anything? Dreaming of numbers? Anyone?


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