Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There are quite a few old wives tales or superstitions centered around the cute little ladybug.

Here is a rundown on the different believes throughout history and even today on the ladybug.

The Norsk believed that the ladybug came to earth by lightning and was connected to the goddess of love and beauty.

Weather and Harvest:
In northern Germany, counting the spots on the backs of ladybugs would tell if they could sell their harvest. If the ladybug had less than seven spots that meant they would have a large harvest.

In England, seeing a ladybug meant they would have a good harvest.

The French believe that a ladybug in their vineyard is a sign of good weather.

Austrians would ask ladybugs for good weather.

Love, Marriage and Children:
In Sweden if a ladybug walks on a girl’s hand it signifies that it is measuring her hand for wedding gloves, which means she will be married soon.

In Central Europe if is on a girls hand and it crawls under her hand she will marry within the year.

If a ladybug lands on you and then flies away watch it carefully, the way it flies is the direction of your true love.

When a ladybug lands on a woman in Burgundy, she should count the dots to see how many children she will have.

Good Luck:
The country dwellers of England believe the spots on a ladybug stand for the months of happiness that are to come.

In Canada, is finding ladybugs in your garage, during the winter is a sign of good luck. If you pick up the ladybug and make a wish the way it flies is the direction in which the luck will come.

I am a lover of lady bugs. When Tom's grand daughter was here, she went about the house counting them. They are not the alive ones, it is pins, and other objects. Here at my desk, I have a wind up I got from Ryen and a mini jewelry box I got from Tom. My fishing hat has lady bugs on it.
Before retirement, I always wore a lady bug somewhere on my self. The residents would look and look to find it! One of the nurses gave me a great big one so the resident's could always find it.

I am a collector of charms, crystals, and angels. Wait, there is more. But that is a story for another day.

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