Monday, August 3, 2009

OLD WIVES TALE Ringing/burning ears

If your ears are burning or ringing, there is an old wives tale that says that someone is talking about you.

This is one of those wives tales that has long been in existence, and will probably continue on as children grow and spread it some more. The wives tale gets more descriptive with some, as they believe you can tell if the person is saying good things about your, or bad. It’s said that when the left ear is burning or ringing good things are being said about you, if it’s the right then there are bad things being said.

This is an old wives tale that doesn’t have a definite origin, but many believe parents warning their children not to gossip, as those that would be gossiped about would surely know, thought it up. This is yet another old wives tale that seems to have no real relation to the burning or ringing of ears, but how do we know for sure?

Mother always used to say, "I bet their ears are burning!" She used it as if someone was not telling the truth. She would ask if my ears were burning, and I would feel them and say no. OF COURSE I said NO.


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