Friday, August 14, 2009

DREAMS PAGE FIVE numbers 11-21

If you dream of eleven:

Eleven stands for intuition, mastery in a particular domain, spirituality, enlightenment, and capacity to achieve. It is symbolic of your creativity and visions. The number 11 is represented by two parallel lines and thus could represent two individuals or some partnership

If you dream of twelve:

Twelve denotes spiritual strength and divine perfection. It also represents cycles and repetition.

If you dream of thirteen:

Thirteen is a paradoxical number which means death and birth, end and beginning, and change and transition. It is symbolic of obstacles that are standing on your way and must overcome. You must work hard and persevere in order to succeed and reach your goals.

If you dream of fourteen:

The number fourteen signifies the unexpected and your need to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. It is also symbolic of overindulgence and giving into your desires. You need to be more committed and maintain focus on your goals.

If you dream of fifteen:

Fifteen represents a dissolution of difficult conditions.

If you dream of sixteen:
Sixteen, typically, symbolizes innocence, naive, vulnerability, and tenderness. It also indicates some spiritual cleansing and destruction of the old and birth of the new.

If you dream of seventeen:
Seventeen symbolizes soul.

If you dream of eighteen:
Eighteen symbolizes the conflict between materialism and spirituality. It also warns of treachery, deception, lies, and selfishness.

If you dream of nineteen:
Nineteen indicates independence and the overcoming of personal struggles. You will find that you often have to stand up for yourself. This number also suggests your stubbornness and you hesitance in accepting help from others.

If you dream of twenty-One:
The number twenty-one represents a turning point in your life and your transitional into adulthood. It is also associated with the responsibilities that you need to own up to.

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