Sunday, August 2, 2009


Seeing a new moon for the first time on a Monday will bring you good luck.

If the first time you, see a new moon is over your right shoulder it is a sign of having fun.

If you happen to be holding something, in both of your hands when you see the new moon for the first time you will never want for anything.

If you see a red moon, it is a sign of war. My grandfather said this, man there were a lot of wars somewhere.

Stare at a full moon closely and you will a boy and his bog burning bush.

Another rendition says to use a magnifying glass and look at the full moon and you will see a woman with a dog burning bush.

True or not, the only problem I have with a full moon is the fish feed when it is light and during a full moon the fishing is not as good. Of course, the cows may be laying down, too!


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