Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OLD WIVES TALE: How the skunk got its scent

This an a Native American Folk Tale

At one time, the skunk we know today was not a small creature; as a matter of fact, he was as large as a hill. For some reason he began to grow smaller instead of larger. This caused the skunk to worry since he did not have any idea how he would be able to hunt and kill prey in order to eat, since as he grew smaller his strength also began to diminish.

He kept trying to figure out what to do to increase his strength since he could not stop growing smaller. He decided to invent a strong hunting medicine that would give him the skill he needed no matter how small he became.

Then the skunk went on a quest to find all kinds of plants. Every type of plant that he could carry he took home with him. Once he was back home, he ground the plants into a fine powder and then created this strong medicine.

He then placed this medicine into a pouch and carried it with him everywhere he went. One day, he decided to try his medicine on the strongest and biggest thing he could find.

What he found was a large oak tree. He took out a small pinch of his medicine, mixed it with water, and drank it. The skunk then shot the large oak tree with his medicine, which was a very bad smelling odor. The oak tree shrank and died as if it had been burned. There was nothing left of the large tree but a pile of ashes. This is the same medicine pouch that the skunk carries with him today.

Better than tazors, don't you think?


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