Friday, August 7, 2009

INTRODUCTION Dreams and such

My sweet Thomas says I laugh in my sleep. I do remember my dreams in the morning because I wake up when I hear the laughter. Since we have a YOU MAY DISTURB policy, I will tell him what the dream was about.

Old Trunks doesn't know your stand on interrupting dreams, and quite frankly, neither do I. I have had some deja vu dreams in my life, first in a dream and then in an awake state. I am not clairvoyant however, I have had clairvoyant happenings.

I have not had my palm read, nor have I been involved in trying to raise the dead. I do, however, hear the sound of my parents voices.

To many, I have said, "Have a five star day" based on the horoscopes, which I toy with now and then but do not practice. If the seventh moon is in the twelfth rotation and Mercury collides with Mars, I am not educated in the practice enough to know that that means.

My tarot card reading on the web are always favorable. Whether it is based on numbers or cards I select from the deck.

I do follow Feng Shui because I like balance. I do have wind chimes in the entry, I put down the toilet lid, there is a mirror in the dining room, and there is nothing under the bed.

I am very fond of ladybugs, dragonflies, angels, and other symbols of luck and life and if not wearing my magic hat covered with pins mostly received from friends and family and get skunked, it is because I don't have my lucky hat. I like to think the pins from friends and family are fishing with me. If they aren't in my head, at least they are on my head.

There was an interim when the search for the next phase of life was not clear. Horoscopes and other helped me swing from branch to branch in a search of the next step as I waited for the next picture. The picture didn't have to be clear, it just needed to have some image. I am a wait as a waitress type of person and horoscopes and the like gave me something to concentrate on. Perhaps that is where you are.

We are about to embark on a time of dreams and meanings, Feng Shui, and good luck symbols. Are you with me?


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