Thursday, May 6, 2010


And she said,......................"If I was going to do that, I would be looking at the clock wondering when I was done and never sleep".

It reminded me of how grandma would sit in her upholstered platform rocker and crochet. The chair would stop, grandma would be dozing with hands in her lap, hook and thread in tact. Soon, the rocker would start again and the project at hand would continue.

Something tells me this entire cat nap thing is a conditioning. It just doesn't happen. For me, my Grandmother was a cat napper and so was her son, my Dad.

We had our big meal at noon. We would eat, Daddy would go to his lounge chair, read the paper or a pages of a western, kick back, nap, and when the level on the chair sat him in an up right position, you knew he had finished his energy nap. I can still hear the sound of the lever. Odd, isn't it, the things we remember?

My Sweet Thomas, poo-pooed cat naps for a decade. That is, until he learned how to sit down, tune out, and snooze. It get past the idea of what time it was, he would loop his watch over his hand, which lay in his lap. If he needed to peek he could.

I told my friend to just sit down, close her eyes, listen to herself breathe and let go. I wish I could gift her a few sessions! But then, I had great teachers.

I wish you energy.


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