Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Interesting, isn't it, when you know someone or of someone who lives in an area that is hit by Mother Nature's rage?

Her name is Deb and she posted pictures from their part of the world in Nashville.

For those of you who have not lived in a flooded area, I will tell you it is mass water. The family did well; they were high enough so their house was not flooded.

It is yet another time for us to realize how big the universe is and that we are part of it. We are not the universe.

One of the things Deb and her family did was hang on to their sense of humor. She said since they couldn't leave their house, they were going to buy a kayak on line. What is so silly about that it, it wouldn't be delivered.

Sick humor? No, Ranum humor.

Stay dry.


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